How it all began, starting off on a positive note...

Interview with Britt-Heléne Bonnedahl, founder and director of Rönninge Show Chorus:

“In 1983 we were a group of women from Rönninge who sang in the first female barbershop chorus here in Sweden, Telge Harmony from Södertälje. After some time we began thinking about starting something of our own here in Rönninge. It took some convincing to make me believe it was a good idea.

After a period of persuasion from the women from Rönninge, three of us decided to proceed, and in January 1983 we started with a group of 25 women. At this time there was a youth-chorus in the area that had disbanded. They were directed by Inger Lindstrand, whom also directed Telge Harmony. Therefore we were joined by a whole group of young women. Together with many other members, the chorus had grown by April to 52 members.

This all coincided, funnily enough, with me doing my education as a speech therapist. I was given a mission: to train the chorus and within 10 weeks perform for an audience. I was to record and analyze how I worked with the chorus and I was to use only positive feedback. The aim was to investigate how one could develop good tone quality and expression by only reinforcing what sounded good. This became the starting point for our work with mental training and our mindset that a positive frame of mind is a powerful tool in singing.   

At this point we were called Rönninge Sweet Adelines and after a while we became Rönninge Show Chorus.“

It's all Happening Perfectly

Today the leadership style of positive reinforcement still holds true and has formed the organisational culture of the chorus.

We describe our core values with three words: Joy (Glädje), Entirety (Helhet) and Drill (Drill). We have found it very useful to have these words to go back to in order to put things in context, create that common understanding and to remind ourselves of what our agreement and objective is. Working with these three words closely in all the things we do makes it easier to get us were we want in a joyful way.

To be continued.... #ronningeshow35yrs