Visual Challenge - how to learn while resting...
It’s only a few weeks left until the International Championship in New Orleans. Like most Swedes, we've just come back from a long summer break for six weeks. A quite strange move perhaps since the smart thing to do would probably be to keep rehearsing our songs for the competition. Nevertheless traditions are meant to be kept.  

Anyone who sings must, at some point, or many times, learn a new song. In the barbershop world this happens at least once a year. With a 153-member choir, there are many different personality types or characters that represent various ways that singers best learn a song. Which one are you?


The music theory nerd

You have most likely studied music theory at university and have no problem reading treble and bass clefs and maybe even alto clef. When you get a new song, you go to the sheet music, not the learning tracks. After a quick read through you can basically sing the song prima vista and you know, and will gladly explain, why it is a B sharp in the sheet music instead of a printed C.

Queen of rhythm

Our warm-up, and the beginning of our rehearsals, is 99% the same each time. The routine is nice because it creates comfort and promotes a sense of fellowship among our singers.

1. Get moving 
First, it begins with a physical warm-up where we dance to a song selected by the person leading the exercise. We have a handful of such leaders—graceful and energetic singers from our chorus—who take turns guiding us through the warm ups. In order to fit, we spread out in the hall and then turn to face the leader, who mirrors the movements. The physical warm-up loosens us up and makes us relax. When the song is over, the chorus applauds the leader and we take our places on the risers.

2019 has started and what a start we’ve had! At our first rehearsal we were welcomed to the sport hall by a red carpet leading up to our own back-drop and roll-up banner where we had our pictures taken, as if we were stars on our way to a gala receiving an award. Later on our eminent directors danced their way in, singing Proud Mary with the new lyrics “Hat-trick! Hat-trick! Want to do a hat-trick!” If that start didn’t lift the roof we also got special member cups from our marketing and social committee; black cups with our new logo printed with gold letters. Perfect for tea or coffee. A number of other items will soon be available in our web shop – stay tuned!

We’re happy to announce that Vironova is first to join as a sponsor during our 35th anniversary. Vironova is a Swedish, innovative company in the biotech industry that develops advanced technology for a faster and simpler development and production of new pharmaceuticals.

There are several important values we share, although the contexts in which we are active are very different. For example, we both strive for innovation and international success in our respective fields. We also share the passion for great and diverse leadership.

Say hello to our new logotype! We’re literally stepping right into the spotlights with our new look. Since there are many show choruses out there, we wanted to feature the most unique part of our name, Rönninge. The symbol above our name can be read as either the flooding light from four spotlights on the stage or, if you like, a royal Swedish crown or a barbershop crown as a strong symbol of what we have achieved and what we are still dreaming of.



The logotype and typeface has been designed by graphic designer and our own member Kicki Braun.