Rönninge Show Chorus's blog

We’re happy to announce that Vironova is first to join as a sponsor during our 35th anniversary. Vironova is a Swedish, innovative company in the biotech industry that develops advanced technology for a faster and simpler development and production of new pharmaceuticals.

There are several important values we share, although the contexts in which we are active are very different. For example, we both strive for innovation and international success in our respective fields. We also share the passion for great and diverse leadership.

Say hello to our new logotype! We’re literally stepping right into the spotlights with our new look. Since there are many show choruses out there, we wanted to feature the most unique part of our name, Rönninge. The symbol above our name can be read as either the flooding light from four spotlights on the stage or, if you like, a royal Swedish crown or a barbershop crown as a strong symbol of what we have achieved and what we are still dreaming of.



The logotype and typeface has been designed by graphic designer and our own member Kicki Braun.


It’s important to dare to try new things. It might not always turn out great, but if you never push any boundaries, your true potential may remain hidden. Sometimes, daring experiments even turn out to be awesome. Or, at least, entertaining.

Interview with Britt-Heléne Bonnedahl, founder and director of Rönninge Show Chorus:

“In 1983 we were a group of women from Rönninge who sang in the first female barbershop chorus here in Sweden, Telge Harmony from Södertälje. After some time we began thinking about starting something of our own here in Rönninge. It took some convincing to make me believe it was a good idea.