”Rönninge … you left us breathless and slack-jawed, truly incapable of forming words for quite a time after that explosion of sound artistry. … They were awarded 97 points in Expression for I Got Rhythm. Expression. Did we mention they’re Swedish? Three points from perfection.”

Maggie Ryan ur Pitch Pipe, Jan 2012

International championships

Year Competition in Place
2019 New Orleans, LA 1st
2016 Las Vegas, Nevada 1st
2013 Honolulu, Hawaii 1st
2011 Houston, Texas 2nd
2008 Honolulu, Hawaii 5th
2004 Indianapolis, Indiana 4th
2003 Veldhoven, Holland (EM) 2nd
2001 Portland, Oregon 4th
1998 Nashville, Tennessee 4th
1998 Stockholm (EM) 1st
1996 Cardiff, Wales (EM för alla europeiska organisationer) 1st
1995 New Orleans, Louisiana 2nd
1992 Baltimore, Maryland 6th
1989 Miami Beach, Florida 5th