Our director


Anna Alvring

Anna Alvring is an exuberant fresh breath of air that brings the chorus to grand achievements with her enthusiasm. She is a bundle of energy that inspires the members of the chorus to give that little extra when you think you can't give anymore. Since January 1, 2020, Anna is the one and only director for the chorus after 14 years as a co-director together with the founder of Rönninge Show Chorus, Britt-Heléne Bonnedahl.

Anna has a musical education and is both a music and math teacher. Since 2019 she is the principal at the prestigious music school Adolf Fredriks musikklasser in Stockholm, Sweden.

 – I started singing barbershop in 1986 thanks to my father, Anna says. In time I became a director for the Stockholm City Chorus. The chorus has helped me find my leadership skills. You have to be positive as a leader but at the same time balance this out with knowledge.

– I like to put myself out there, and there is always room for both laughter and some mischief within reasonable limits, Anna says. My strength in terms of knowledge is probably the music theory I like to share. My vision is for us to be a chorus that is in the lead. As competitors I want us to achieve the highest goal which is GOLD. If you like something you are also willing to work hard to achieve it. Therefore I don't think anything is impossible for Rönninge Show Chorus. We are a chorus that thrives from keeping a high level. However, the most important part is knowing you have given it your all.


” My vision is for us to be a chorus that is in the lead. As competitors I want us to achieve the highest goal which is GOLD. “


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... about the music Music for me is happiness, joy and energy! The thing I love most about barbershop music is that it is extremely direct – both visually and musically. I am also inspired by the cool sound this music style produces!
... about RSC RSC's uniqueness is that while we are so professional everything is still so loving! Working with RSC is both inspiring and developing for me as a director. And the audience can expect blazing energy and shining overtones! If you hire our chorus you will get a professional delivery with a real feeling! 
... about her role as a director Humility and flexibility are the most important things for a director. Being able to lead and to have visions. Being present in the here and now. And not taking yourself too seriously. I love to use joy as a development tool!
... about being a member in this chorus As a singer in RSC you can expect development and strong ambition as well as high expectations! Individual development demands effort and as a member you have to be prepared to deliver on this.