Sing with us

We are a chorus with high ambitions. We have our roots in barbershop, an American singing style with four voices that are sung a cappella, that is without accompanying music. We compete in this genre in the Nordic and International Championships every second or third year. Therefore, as a new member you should be prepared for hard and fun work during both rehearsals as well as at home in between rehearsals. We only use music sheets while we learn new songs and toss these aside as soon as possible. Singing with RSC doesn't just entail singing but also choreography – sometimes very advanced – so beyond having a good song technique you also need to be able to express yourself visually. We are a chorus that sparkles and puts on a great show!

We have a mandatory attendance since we invest so much in improving all the time. We rehearse 3-4 hours one night a week and in addition to this we also meet for a full day every month, during the weekend. We are then usually joined by fantastic coaches that are oftentimes flown in from the US especially for us. During these coaching opportunities we work with the musical as well as the visual parts.

In addition to barbershop music we sometimes sing other styles: pop, jazz, gospel and classical. Every year we host a large Holiday show called Stjärnjul, so of course our repertoire also entails Christmas music which we rehearse during November and December. Read more at

Normally we welcome guests to visit our rehearsals and listen! We rehearse Tuesdays at Rönninge skola, Rönninge skolväg 31 from 6.40 pm - 10 pm. But due to Covid-19 pandemic the chorus is currently rehearsing in zoom. If you want to visit our rehearsal please contact cathrin.junestrand(a)

Admission process

Women who have turned 18 can apply for membership in Rönninge Show Chorus. Singers wanting to be admitted to the chorus have to go through our admission process that is more or less as follows:

The audition process starts with a personal interview and voice determination, which usually takes places during the first rehearsal you participate in. During your first few weeks in the chorus, you are a so called "prospective". You will sing actively with the chorus and get a feel for how it works, become familiar with our rehearsal structure etc. The length of this period varies for every singer, but we would like you to be a prospective for at least 4-5 rehearsals.

During this time the musical leader for your part will either listen to you during a rehearsal or you will wear an mp3 player around your neck and the rehearsal will be recorded. This is an excellent way to get an understanding of your voice, your vocal range and at an early stage being able to discuss strengths and development possibilities.

Since RSC also involves a lot of choreography you will sometimes be filmed so that the musical committee of the chorus will have a good foundation after the musical audition. This information will then be used to determine how the person has developed musically and visually during the prospective period and will build the foundation for further discussion. If we then agree on being a mutual match you will get to audition in a quartet.

Contact our  president Elisabeth Mellin if you are interested!
Phone: +46 70-200 01 92 

Email: info [a]