About us

Rönninge Show Chorus is one of the best barbershop choruses in the world with a repertoire that is both broad and full of variation. We sing everything from good old Christmas carols to jazzy Rat pack arrangements and perform at both large concerts as well as company events. Rönninge Show Chorus was founded in 1983 and has earned great success regionally as well as in international championships within the singing style barbershop. The greatest successes to date is winning the gold medal in the World championships in Honolulu, Hawaii, in November 2013, in October 2016 in Las Vegas with the highest score to date and again in New Orleans September 2019.

The chorus strives to be unique and revolutionary. The possibility of development and creativity is given through a strong community and positive attitude. The goal is to deliver feeling, entertainment and show combined with a strong musicality and skill at every given chance.

Anna Alvring is the musical leader and Director of Rönninge Show Chorus. The chorus is based in Rönninge south of Stockholm.

Rönninge Show Chorus was founded in 1983 and is the largest and one of the best barbershop choruses of the Nordic countries. The chorus founder Britt-Heléne Bonnedahl is a famous coach all over the barbershop world and she coaches the chorus frequently.

Barbershop is sung a cappella in pure men or women choruses. The music often consists of known songs from the 30s and 40s that are arranged according to set rules for the four parts tenor, lead, baritone and bass.

The form of singing differs from other chorus and quartet singing in that the melody, the lead, is not on top in the chord. The baritone winds itself around the lead and alternately fills the chords above and below the melody. At the bottom of the chord you find the bass that makes out the dark and rich base for the other parts. The tenor floats softly and lightly on top as an amplification of the overtones that are formed if all parts sing cleanly, simultaneously and with even sounding vocals. Traditional barbershop is sung in a chorus or quartet in American English. Most barbershop groups also sing other things than four-part material.

The female organization Sweet Adelines International was founded in 1945 and their motto is "Harmonize the world". Sweet Adelines International is a global organization of women dedicated to the development of the musical art form of barbershop through education and performance. The organization is divided into regions and RSC belongs to Nordic Light Region # 32.

A very important part of Rönninge Show Chorus are the barbershop competitions within the organization Sweet Adelines International and the thorough preparation that comes with these. Through the competitions we have a chance to develop our skills, our quality of singing and our professionalism but also our ability to affect and be creative.

Our Vision

Our strong community and love for each other and barbershop create a positive zone for development and creativity without limits which makes us unique and revolutionary.

We deliver a unique feeling, outstanding entertainment and a sparkling show.

A perfect song technique and a spirit of “anything is possible” makes us the best in the world within our music genre.

In addition to traditional barbershop music, RSC also offers a broad repertoire ranging from popular music to traditional folk music. Every year RSC gives large Christmas shows, called Stjärnjul, together with the male barbershop chorus the EntertainMen and other professional musicians which are visited by around 8,000 people every year. Guest artists include famous artist as Jill Johnsson, Sofia Källgren and Putte Wickman. For the firts time in 28 years the Stjärnjul show will be cancelled in 2020,  because of the Corona pandemic. Instead we invite you to Stjärnkul, a summer show at Skansen 19th of June 2021.

Beyond competing in competitions and performing at holiday concerts the chorus also performs at different events like company events, concerts and others during the year, both in bigger and smaller groups.